Character ‘Dumpston’ Helps Tell a Story

How to Simplify Complex Ideas

The Quick Story

Benefits of using Whiteboard Videos for your product, services, or systems:

  • Engages your audience—immediately!
  • Simplifies your message—even complex topics!
  • Increases message retention—from 10 percent to 65 percent!

(John Medina; Brain rules—12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School)

As a Whiteboard Video Illustrator, I draw out your entire message, following a pre-written script, I draw on a WIDE (approximately 4′ x 12′) slick whiteboard, using black and colored dry markers.

A Videographer captures every stroke as I draw for hours. Then, the resulting video is edited—the animated drawing is sped up, voiceover or other sound is added, and graphics or special effects may be included.

The resulting 60—180 second Whiteboard Video is exciting, engaging, and easy to share!

  • Whiteboard Video is entertaining—so your viewer will “stay tuned” to see what happens next…
  • Whiteboard Video stimulated both listening and visual senses—so your viewer will “get it”…
  • Whiteboard Video is memorable—so your viewer will be able to recall you, your message, your product, or your service “down the road”…

With Whiteboard Video, your message stands out from the ordinary, is easier to understand, and more likely to recall.

And when people remember who you are and what you offer, you stand a better chance of them contacting you when they need your product, service, or system!

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