Why Storyboarding?

The Whole Story

Benefits of using Storyboards for your video, commercial, animation, or any story project:

  • Visual shot sequence—saves time
  • Visual shot sequence—saves money
  • Visual shot sequence—clarifies needs

As a Storyboard Illustrator, I sketch frame by frame shot sequences of your creative story—beginning, middle, and end. The storyboards are typically drawn in pencil or ink on white paper.

Simply put, I visualize your whole story into composed shot sequences so that you can see the smaller details within, plan better, and execute more successfully!

The storyboard is a visual budget that helps direct the entire team before, during, and post-production:

  1. Story—does it flow and make sense?
  2. Location—where will you shoot? backgrounds?
  3. Cast / Crew—who will need to be involved?
  4. Set—what will you need (props, tools, wardrobe)?
  5. Camera angles—what is the audience perspective?
  6. Time—how long will each scene or change take?
  7. Post production—graphics, special effects?

Capturing your whole story into smaller picture frames provides both continuity in how the story flows and better clarity with regard to every detail…

So that you can plan ahead, identify needed adjustments, and produce your project much more smoothly.

And clarity saves both time and money!

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